KuberAgro Industries is strategically located at Sirsa in the state of Haryana. The major manufacturing plant and processing facility is located along the paddy growing expanse of Northern India. It is nestled in close proximity to the finest transport routes to ensure safe and timely transportation of harvested paddy from specially identified collection centres to the plant. This minimizes the transit damage of quality Basmati rice.

Rice production occurs in state-of-art processing plants. Various rice processing/production levels such as de-moisturizing, temperature-controlled drying, cleaning, de-husking, de-stoning, polishing, sorting and grading are performed in a fully mechanized and sophisticated manner in these hi-tech milling plants. This is done adhering to all international standards and safety guidelines to achieve uniformity of grains without compromising on its fragrance, aroma and quality.

These machines consist of fork-like vibrating sieves, scalper suction fans and vibrating sieves to filter all impurities of all types and shapes at different levels.

KuberAgro Industries flourish and function under the humble leadership of Arpit Sarraf and Tushar Sarraf. Their incredible mindsets and young-spirited approach have helped the company attain and absorb healthy standards for the distribution of quality Basmati rice. What initiated with the aim to cater to export markets is now venturing into the B2C aspects of the market. With a similar motivation and the intention to continue to facilitate homes with one of best rice qualities in the world, KuberAgro Industries aspires to connect and reach directly to its consumers by the end of 2020.

Parboiling processes utilise processed soft water that is extracted from the water treatment plant. The plant consists of innovatively designed soaking bins that are equipped with sensor based sophisticated temperature controllers to maintain the temperature of water in the plant at all times. This process ranks above other conventional methods of parboiling and guarantees hygienic processing of all rice grains, restricts the development of unwanted smells and preserves the natural fragrance of rice at the same time.

KuberAgro Industries house three state-of-art milling plants. Every single one of them uses the 21st century technology of Satake from Japan. Fully computerised inflow and outflow mechanisms are facilitated with the help of sensors. All these plants are well-equipped with high quality pre-cleaners, de-stoners, precision-sizers, graders, paddy separators, de-huskers and magnets. Their production capacity is up and above 10 tonnes per hour and are safely guarded in an environment friendly space to prevent contamination by foreign agents.

Sets of colour sorters and multi sorters are installed at KuberAgro Industries. This aids in identifying unwanted materials and impurities such as glass pieces, plastic granules, foreign objects, unwanted and discoloured grain.

De-husking rice is a tricky and a hefty process. These high capacity, super-efficient rice huskers are instrumental in removing husk from paddy without breaking the grain. They operate on the principle of a unique feedback mechanism and can de-husk rice much faster than conventional huskers.

Another important step in achieving quality rice is the separation of wanted and unwanted grains. Paddy separators used at KuberAgro Industries rightly distinguish between paddy and brown rice and bring about subsequent separation of the same. The entire setting comprises of three adjustable-position discharge systems installed along with an adjustable separating tray angle for flexible production of pure brown rice and paddy products.

Uniform grading is a crucial parameter for deciding the quality of rice. With plano-shifters, the need for high capacity sizers is met and as a result, uniform grading is achieved.

Length Graders are used to separate rice grains of different lengths and sizes. KuberAgro Industries have high capacity graders that bring about online uniform grading of rice grains at a higher speed.

The abrasive whitener is a high capacity machine that executes unmatched efficiency when it comes to milling thereby saving power up to a great extent. Low milling pressure aids in maximizing head rice yield. It reserves the ability to work with solid efficiency on both, low as well as hard milling applications, thereby making it an ideal "first break" milling machine.

Colour Sorters operate on a computer-based monitoring system that enables online tracking. A series of optical sorting machines is used for operational flexibility and to determine the shade of the grain colour along with identifying the size of the offending spot.