Our Management

Kuber Agro Industries is led under the dynamic and passionate leadership of Arpit Saraf and Tushar Saraf. In the rice business since four generations, producing rice grains whilst striving to achieve quality and attaining the trust of people runs in the family.

Under the righteous leadership of Arpit Saraf and Tushar Saraf, Kuber Agro Industries has always functioned on moral ethics and values making it a perfect fit for farmers, partners, business associates and customers. In turn, their confidence and trust in us has motivated Kuber Agro Industries to do better and achieve bigger.

We’re inquisitive about the food grain industry and are always willing to learn and apply. That way, we believe, we can attain more perfection in what we do and become experts backed up with knowledge and lots of experience. That being said, Kuber Agro Industries aims higher and is all ready to set benchmarks in the arena of rice production.