Company Overview

Our greatest USP would be the regular upgradation of our rice processing techniques by the incorporation of the finest technologies. We are very firm and experienced when it comes to maintaining the quality of food and ensuring that it reaches out to every household of India without any compromises.

KuberAgro Industries spreads across (area in acres) in the Sirsa region of Haryana and is boastful of a paddy drying capacity of 12-tonnes per hour. We’ve come a long way since our inception and are now trusted by most Indian families. With highly efficient and functioning plants from renowned companies such as SATAKE (Japan), CATERDAY (USA), BUHLER (Switzerland) and FOWLER (WESTRU), we make use of the best available raw material to produce one of the best rice qualities in the world.

Our manufacturing and processing techniques are formulated by industry experts and are reviewed at regular intervals to achieve the best possible outcomes. We’re super active when it comes to implementing schemes to make our warehouses more and more suitable for the production of high -quality Basmati varieties. We house machinery that is capable of carrying out the diverse plethora of processes such as precleaning, de-stoning, sizing, grading, separating, de-husking, drying, etc. without much need of manual power to avoid human-based errors. This is then followed by quality-enhancing processes namely polishing, sorting, packing, branding and subsequent distribution and retailing.