About Basmati

Basmati – India’s Most Loved and Trusted

There isn’t a household in India that is unknown to the delightful taste and pleasurable fragrance of Basmati rice. Whether it is a family get together or lunch with business associates, Basmati rice finds an irreplaceable spot on the food table no matter what the occasion. It’s natural aroma and palatable taste woo our senses in the simplest of ways and why wouldn’t it. Afterall, Basmati stands for “Queen of Fragrance” in Hindi.

The finest, naturally grown qualities of Basmati rice are all originated from Northern India. What really captures the heart is their unique characteristics that are boastful of its long and slender shape, superior and distinctive flavour, an aroma that evokes a sense of belongingness and the fluffiness of dishes prepared using it.

KuberAgro Industries savours these precious characteristics and makes sure that every home in India is supplied with these high-quality Basmati rice grains. Right from segregating the desirable and undesirable grains to preserving and maintaining their flavour, fragrance and appearance, we do it all with minimal human interference. We process rice varieties such as (rice varieties).

Our plants are well-connected to the most excellent transport routes of India to minimize damage during transit. At the same time, they are strategically located in close proximity of the flourishing farms of Northern India for convenient transport of rice grains.